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        友宸集團一直以回饋社會為已任,熱衷于幫助社會弱士群體,積極參與各級政府組織、社會團體開展的各種公益活動。如2018年二月在贛州市安遠縣捐贈人民幣500萬成立江西省紅十字會“子宸基金”。捐贈儀式上與天心鎮10名大學生、45名高中生當場簽訂了捐助意向書,將資助他們完成學業,同時還為全鎮1161戶貧困戶送上了大米和油,捐贈資金達40萬元。至今為止共登記81名貧困學子將資助生活費和學費至完成整個學業(含碩、博)、八月為“僑聯四海 情滿贛鄱”精準扶貧捐贈30萬元人民幣;2020年疫情期間共為僑企、防疫單位和教育機構捐贈30萬個口罩、20萬個手套、19200瓶消毒水;2021年為江西師范大學捐贈15萬人民幣、2022年一月在“共建多彩崇義·共享美好家園”公益樹木認養活動中捐贈49.5萬元人民幣、三月捐贈杜坊村委會屈家組新農村建設扶持資金40萬元等等公益事業。


        Jiangxi Youchen Industrial Group Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Youchen Group") was established in 2013, with a registered capital of 100 million yuan, and headquartered in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. It is a private joint-stock industrial group whose business covers many provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China.

        The industry of Youchen Group is mainly art training, culture and art consulting, construction engineering, catering management, and covers more than ten sectors such as domestic trade, investment consulting, interior design, building materials sales, technology development and technical services, among which hundreds of products such as building materials and decorative materials are sold well all over the country. It also provides technical support and training services for many campuses across the country to make their professional training equipment reach the advanced level. And in the catering management, catering services, marketing planning and other business aspects of core competitiveness; There are four subsidiaries, namely Jiangxi Youyuan Building Materials Co., LTD., Jiangxi Haochen Education Technology Co., LTD., Jiangxi Jiacheng Catering Management Co., LTD., Guochen Municipal Engineering Co., LTD. And holding Baochen Education Management Group Co., LTD., Jiangxi Olipu Industry Co., LTD.

        Youchen Group has always been committed to giving back to the society. We are keen on helping the weak in society and actively participate in various public welfare activities organized by governments and social organizations at all levels. For example, in February 2018, he donated RMB 5 million to establish the "Zichen Fund" of Jiangxi Red Cross Society in Anyuan County, Ganzhou City. At the ceremony, 10 college students and 45 high school students from Tianxin Town signed a letter of intent on the spot to help them finish their studies. At the same time, they also sent rice and oil to 1,161 poor households in the town, with a donation fund of 400,000 yuan. So far, a total of 81 poor students have registered to support living expenses and tuition fees until the completion of their studies (including master's and doctoral degrees). In August, they donated 300,000 RMB to the "Overseas Chinese Association of Universal Love Jiangxi Poyang" for targeted poverty alleviation. In 2020, 300,000 masks, 200,000 gloves and 19,200 bottles of disinfectant were donated to overseas enterprises, epidemic prevention units and educational institutions. In 2021, he donated 150,000 RMB to Jiangxi Normal University, in January 2022, he donated 495,000 RMB in the public welfare tree adoption activity of "Jointly build Multi-color Chongyi · Share a Beautiful home", in March, he donated 400,000 RMB to Dufang Village Committee Qujia Group new rural construction support fund, and so on.

        The group takes "diversified operation, professional management and scientific development" as its business philosophy, takes "plate interaction, resource sharing and cooperation to win" as its business policy, and takes "domestic first-class diversified industrial group" as its vision.